Events Ring

There will be four very entertaining attractions in the Events Ring in 2018. 


H & M Dog Display Team

This team was formed in 1984 and they have now become one of the most popular displays in the North, performing at many of the large shows and events. The H & M Display Team consists of up to 10 handlers and dogs, pedigree and crossbreeds, including several rescue dogs.

Thrill to the fire sequences and the arrival of the Hot Dog Fire Brigade and Rescue Service. Awarded the Esther Rantzen ‘Heart of Gold’ for their charity work.

The dogs are trained by Jean Tyrell, a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers for 10 years.


Mighty Smith Show

Adrian Smith, 5th in the World’s Strongest Man and three times winner of UK’s Strongest Man Competition, presents a show geared for family fun with visual humour and audience participation.

Tearing up Argos books, bending six inch nails in his teeth, walking on a bed of broken glass, holding a chair with a seated lady on it in his teeth. Also presenting a children’s tug of war with prizes.

These along with more serious feats of strength, including a vehicle pull, combined with a £1000 open challenge.


The BMX Show

With the BMX Show you can expect the riders to fly through the air performing the most breath taking tricks and stunts. Only the very best BMX riders will be performing in the BMX Show (including RedBull athletes) to guarantee you see the most impressive tricks – usually only seen on TV.

Tricks include the audience favourite – ‘The Backflip’.


Birds of Prey

Join SMJ Falconry in the events ring to see their fantastic Birds of Prey and ask the experts questions. You might even get to handle the birds (under supervision). Watch the birds show off their fantastic flying ability as they fly around the showground.




Static Displays
All of the birds used in the display are available to see  and someone will be available all day to answer any questions and talk about the birds.


2018 Events Ring Timetable

Start Event Duration
10.00am Gun Dog Display 30 min
10.40am SMJ Falconry - Birds Of Prey 20 min
11.15am Mighty Smith - Strong Man Show
30 min
12.10am BMX Show
30 min
1.00pm H&M Dog Display Team
30 min
1.45pm SMJ Falconry - Birds Of Prey 20 min
2.15pm Gun Dog Display 30 min
3.00pm BMX Show 30 min
3.45pm Mighty Smith - Strong Man Show 30 min
4.25pm H&M Dog Display Team 30 min